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Graphical skills to be able to bring all of your visions to life, with a creative eye our team will always offer ideas at a fast rate!

Let's Get Graphical!

3D Modelling


Perfect for prototypes of an upcoming product or just to add a touch of class to any flyer, our 3D Services will never fail to impress.

3D me!

Social Media


Building a solid online pressence is key for any brand, we give your brand a personality that it sticks with forever, consistency is key.

Social Suicide Hotline

More About Us

Our Location More like our favourite place

Based in London, where you never know if its going to be sunny or cold!

Being universally based we can set up meetings within London, but our clients tend to keep everything online, I guess they feel its easier and they must love our customer service!

Pre-made Packages

Web Hosting 101
£ 1500

Branding Package

Get your business off to a healthy start with our branding package, which includes a logo, a website, 500 business cards and 250 flyers PLUS you get 2 of the following options:
Van Wrap, CD Cover, Banner, Menu, alternatively you can ask us what you require

Brand Now!

Web Hosting 101
£ 800

Music Artist Package

Just starting off in the music business? This is the package for you, a logo, a website, 200 business cards and 2 of the following options:
5 CD Covers, 10 Flyers, 1 Press Pack, alternatively you can ask us what you require

Music Me!

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