Golden Age Babies


Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development


Golden Age Babies had an idea to create a record label paying homage to the Golden Era of Hip Hop (hence the name), they approached us for an identity that showcased the name simply, we were also asked to undertake any of their graphic design.


For the logo, we used the baby as the base and then added a hoodie to give it that urban feel, the baby sits outside the circle and in the background GOLDEN AGE BABIES is seen curved around to fit the circle. To add more depth a diagonal pattern was applied to the inside circle, this was the final against a black inner circle, which we felt took away from the baby.

After the logo, we then went onto create their website which took a staggering 3-4 years of development, we worked very closely with GAB to make sure the website was perfect for release and then created a newsletter design based on the site. Whilst creating the site we were also juggling all of GAB's CD covers and social media aswell as a flyer for their hit event 'Make It Hot'.


Every release from GAB was and will be designed by Project Click, we continue to work closely with them delivering unique and distinctive quality covers in less than 24 hours. Any other graphics work is also undertaken by us but this mostly consists off CD covers.


Company No. 09355759 | Registered in England & Wales