Piece of Velvet


Branding, Graphic Design


A new company ready to be implemented on the streets of Brooklyn, all that was needed was the branding and identity.


Project Click created a bespoke experience, making sure everything we done for Piece of Velvet was consistent, the logo was the first and foremost project, the brief was to create something that would not only look flawless on the computer but also when printed.

We opted for a script style logo instead of abbreviating Piece of Velvet, this was imperative as we wanted each occuring curve within the logo to represent the creaminess and softness of each cupcake and cake melting in your mouth.

Once the identity was created, everything fell into place, the logo was transformed into an all over background which featured on every piece of work, to add a subtle watermark but also something that was easy to identify and link back to the company.

Everything in the 708 Fulton St, Brooklyn, 17 West 125th St, Harlem and 1327 Surf Ave, Coney Island stores were created by Project Click, from their banners, flyers, menu's, signs and more.


Piece of Velvet have been a strong client since June 2013 and we continue to be the lead on all graphics, we had also recently given the leaflets and posters an uplift, something a lot more mature and had a touch more class to it. (You will see this with the images to the right.)


Company No. 09355759 | Registered in England & Wales