Case Study


Carnival influenced event company required compelling brand re-ignition.
Branding / Digital Strategy / Print Management / Web Design / Web Services Management

The Problem

Flagz needed something more efficient, something more powerful! Their branding wasn't consistent, it wasn't appearing on their flyers properly and in this day and age where your first impression is so important, Flagz just wasn't making the correct one.

Case Study 01.

Enforcing a powerful, yet fun and enticing identity

Flagz was at a crossroads, after we demonstrated how important image was in regards Soca Weekender, we then took the job on of rebranding Flagz, giving them a serious identity, that can easily be manipulated to represent their other sectors of the company, we had a look at their previous work, the flyers, the tshirts - we identified the issues and fixed these, and low and behold a powerful identity was born.

Case Study 02.

The branding was in place, it was time to engage!

We set out our almighty social influencers and started developing styles to keep Flagz' social media engaged with every event, keeping with a consistent colour scheme for each event, this meant we were/are forever changing the colour, yet still implementing the same brand that everyone is so used to, their Instagram is full of images that represent the livelihood revolving around the Flagz brand, with vibrant colours, eye catching images and powerful designs.

Case Study 03.

Entertaining yet still informative

Our main aim with the Flagz website was to make it very amusing, very picture heavy yet still very informative, the homepage is the main article, where you're taken on a journey through pictures - a gallery containing images right from 2016 to 2012 to show how consistent and vibrant the Flagz brand is. When you move on to other pages, the site takes a more serious approach to emphasise the information and also make it as clear as possible for the reader.

Case Study 04.

Face to face marketing

The strongest marketing technique, especially when it comes to events, you need people to see and understand the brand in person, this is why we work closely with Flagz to deliver exceptional print management - through all of their marketing materials, we design to the guidelines to ensure all information is on the work and then print to perfection, ready for them to promote the events like crazy.

The Results

We have worked with Flagz since 2015, and ever since then the company has evolved, we have helped them gain to the masses and triple the amount of events that they are putting out - still doing events in London but also venturing into Bristol, Manchester and even Bournemouth. Flagz have even started their own festival, along with making a massive impression on Notting Hill Carnival! The growth of Flagz is nothing short of significant and with new events around the corner, venue changes occurring, the brand constantly staying fresh - Flagz continues to grow with Project Click!

Do you need a lively rebrand like Flagz?