Case Study

Ida Rose

Results driven media company needed powerful branding and execution.
Branding / Print Management / Web Design

The Problem

Ida Rose was built on the back of London Film Studio, the company required a full branding package to represent the ethos, to empower individuals and bring them up the ranks in the film and creative industry.

Case Study 01.

Portraying the tenacity and power behind Ida Rose

The message behind Ida Rose is empowering individuals, increasing opportunities through networks and tools in both creative industries and in business in general. We needed to represent this with a solid logo, something that wasn't too busy, but got straight to the point, the image of the woman reaching in the logomark rises from the R (to represent women rising) the logo is finished off with a logotype that says IDA ROSE in a solid font that sits underneath the IR, there is no lowercase or mix of orientation, the capitals represent the strength behind women and the whole brand.

Case Study 02.

Demonstrating the strength of the platform online.

Once the brand was in place, we set out to work on the Ida Rose website, it required a sheer amount of simplicity, yet fluidity. Opting for a fullscreen header, we used this as an opportunity to showcase a snippet of their latest work, which will be ever changing to show their progress and also give viewers a taste of what Ida Rose does. The main content however lies in the services - here we have created a fluid user experience to navigate through and view a outlined view of everything the company stands for and is about.

Case Study 03.

Industry standard designs to impress.

The website was just a sector of what Project Click worked closely with Ida Rose on, in the film industry, before fruition, they require packs, these outline the story behind it, the characters and who play them and several other elements, including production costs. To date, we have worked on the Two Graves and The Strangers pack and continue to work on the future packs. We were also called upon to create and print the Ida Rose and Gary Young slate packs, with a tight deadline we managed to get both designed and printed within time and in this time also designed the Two Graves poster.

The Results

Ida Rose was formed earlier this year and since then they have notably grown, putting out Two Graves as their first project and they have already secured a deal with Moviehouse Entertainment to handle world sales. Ida Rose has also featured in Screen International, IMDB and Empire. Project Click started work with them in February, and since then we have been none stop! Wether it be working on the site or working on packs, we never fail to meet any deadlines and provide a quality experience.

Do you require a powerful brand execution like Ida Rose?