Case Study

Piece of Velvet

Brooklyn based cake shop relaunch required tasty rebrand, we didn't stop there.
Branding / Digital Strategy / Print Management

The Problem

Piece of Velvet was on the verge of being re released in Brooklyn, Michael from Piece of Velvet approached Project Click for a full branding package.

Case Study 01.

Branding Piece of Velvet

2013 was the year where Piece of Velvet first stepped foot in 708 Fulton Avenue, and we made sure their impact was hard hitting from the offset, with a tasty branding, representing each curve and perfect imperfection of the cream on a cupcake, we took on the job for their P.O.S, including signs, flyers, posters and all their creative requirements.

The cupcakes logo (as featured in the background) was a staple within the company, we developed it into several designs, featuring collages to represent each new store, throughout the experience with Project Click, Piece of Velvet has matured and appealed to the masses, every marketing material we create keeps within a specific style and gets the message out there with noteworthy imagery and conspicuous text designs.

Case Study 02.

Planting a digital strategy to grow

The branding was in place, the store was up and running, now we needed to keep the customers engaged, we provided a plethora of social media graphics for Piece of Velvet to use across Instagram and Facebook, images that were created to help people stay updated with the company, but also keep them coming back, making them more inclined to follow and gain an even bigger audience.

Case Study 03.

Captivating customers offline

We needed to bring a new and fresh style to Piece of Velvet, continuing on from our marketing materials, we created a series of menus, stickers and even packaging for specific products, all Piece of Velvet items follow a specific style, a monogram of the logo embedded in the background very subtly, the logo sitting on top and a footer encasing all the shop details, to keep everyone in the loop on all of the available shops and their contact numbers.

The Results

4 years later and Piece of Velvet have a strong brand with 5 locations plastered all over New York, Project Click have worked closely with them on the execution of all 5 shops making our mark and having some or most involvement, through P.O.S, marketing materials and strategies, no matter what the job is, wether it be a banner or the label on the products, Project Click are always on hand for a long term loyal client - Piece of Velvet.

Do you need a tasty rebrand and execution like Piece of Velvet?