Case Study

Twisted Monkey

Late night venue required engaging digital strategy and marketing materials.
Digital Strategy / Print Management

The Problem

Twisted Monkey had their designers in place, but they needed a brand more efficient, so much time was being wasted when they required work on demand, the company was lacking an identity and needed some life implemented into it.

Case Study 01.

Understanding the Twisted Monkey brand and where they wanted to go

To complete the handover from their old designers to us, we needed to gain an understanding of what Twisted Monkey was about, to clarify what they wanted and how we can get them there, we worked alongside them to make Twisted Monkey a household name and help people relate to the brand instantly.

Case Study 02.

Enticing deals through social media.

Twisted Monkey's main outlet to advertise their offers and make the club more appealing was social media, we were not against this at all, we encouraged it through special pictures dedicated just for their social media, to get to the point straight away without distracting the viewer from everything else. They also sometimes added posts where they showcased the flyers that we had designed and printed, to give a more authentic feel!

Case Study 03.

Delegating materials to the public.

Whilst working with Twisted Monkey, we created several marketing materials, this even elevated into designing and mailing out cards, including birthday cards as well as cards for offers. These were all accumulated by people who were happy to give their address to Twisted Monkey and we organised a solution to mail these out once we had designed and printed these.

The Results

We worked with Twisted Monkey from the years 2015 - 2016, but we ended this due to unforeseen circumstances, whilst working with Twisted we helped improve the brand identity and gave them an experience that they throughly enjoyed, all of their deadlines were met with ease and we dealt with several members of their staff, adapting and making the print and design work for them.

Does your brand need identification and recognition like Twisted Monkey?