Awafi Foods

Marketing and Ecommerce website for Lebanese catering company in North West London.

Awafi Foods came to Project Click with the intention of a full rebrand, since developing the new logo we have created a range of different branded items for them and their website was one of them.

We wanted to hit the user with the Lebanese roots from the offset, the red ties everything together with splashes of green, Awafi is all about the food and you’re taken on a journey of their delicious range as soon as you start viewing the website to finishing, by frequently using food as backgrounds for sections.


Food & Drink


Awafi Foods

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Social Media Feed
You hear about a new cafe/takeaway service but don't know yet, what's the first thing you're doing? Checking their Instagram to see how good that food looks! The scrolling timeline of images tie the website together.
Embedded Map
All pages on the website are filled with these mouthwatering images of food, but where can you get the food you ask? That's exactly why we embedded a map on the Awafi about page. On a section with some hoummous in the background of course!
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