Beverage Boys

An age restricted Marketing website for high end drinks distribution company in North West London.

Beverage Boys is all about bringing alcohol to clubs, bars, events and more. They needed a website that showed this but also had that high end effect.

Our solution covered a range of things, including accordion’s which keeps the website looking clean, Beverage Boys had a wide range of drinks and no one wants to see a long list as soon as they arrive on a site (especially on mobile!) so we tucked it away in a accordion which is only activated on click.


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Beverage Boys

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Age Restricted
As Beverage Boys is solely alcohol, we needed an age restriction, no matter what page you try and access if you haven't entered your age then you can only see a blurred version of the page.
Social Media Feed
Predominantly using Instagram, Beverage Boys promotes offers, and also showcases jobs, we felt it was perfect to slot the Instagram in without drawing too much attention, no title, just a simple row of images that fits in.
Millage Showcase
As the official UK Distributor for Millage Sparkling Wine, we had to make sure they get their own page, a very striking combo of images, with the millage texture on each image, showing the simplicity and elegance of each bottle, not to mention an accordion which unveils the description of each flavour.
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